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Cleaning HP Colorado Tape backup

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Karen Miller
Occasional Advisor

Cleaning HP Colorado Tape backup

What is the best way to clean my internal back-up system? Can I use q-tips and alcohol?




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Iain F. Brown
Valued Contributor

Re: Cleaning HP Colorado Tape backup

Sponge-tipped swab in 90% isopropyl alcohol is recomended.
paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: Cleaning HP Colorado Tape backup

A cleaning tape is also a good way. Just run the cleaning tape through once in a while to remove all the gunk off the heads. Cleaning tapes are usually available wherever you buy your backup tapes.
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Cleaning HP Colorado Tape backup


The newer devices like the T4, T4000, Colorado T20 (and even the Colorado 5 and 8 GB I think) are cleaned by a regular data tape when you do a retension on it. Usefull, does not require fiddling with cottontips and ....retensions the tape which actually resolves a lot of i/o errors with the drive as the tape/head contact relies on the physical tape tension. Too loose and the tape looses contact with the head leading backup failures. Too high tape tension leads to snapped tapes although not very common.

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