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Cleaning Interval on Ultrium 215e

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Renato Richina
Frequent Advisor

Cleaning Interval on Ultrium 215e


We recently bought a new Netserver with an external Ultrium 215e drive. I'm wondering, how the cleaning intervals are for this tape. Until today (50 days after installation - and a daily backup of 25GB), the drive's cleaning LED has never been lighted.

Are the cleaning intervals so wide or is something defective with the tapedrive?
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Cleaning Interval on Ultrium 215e


Use the cleaning tape only when the cleaning LED is on. The drive uses an internal cleaning mechanism to the reduce the frequency of cleaning. That is why it takes so long before you have to clean the drive using the cleaning tape.

Read this link under heading "Cleaning Cartridges":

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Cleaning Interval on Ultrium 215e

read this
Using Ultrium cleaning cartridges
HP Ultrium drives should only be cleaned when the clean drive icon displays on the tape library status bar. Only use appropriately formatted data cartridges and approved cleaning cartridges. In general, replace cleaning cartridges after fifteen uses. Marking the label on the cleaning cartridge after each use will help keep track of the number of uses.

CAUTION: Excessive use of the cleaning cartridge can cause unnecessary wear on the drive head. The tape library front panel will display a message when the cleaning cartridge needs to be replaced.
so wait for the cleaning request