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Cleaning light

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Cleaning light

I have a Dat 24. It has been exchanged before with a flashing cleaning light. The drive maked a rattling noise as well. The HP Support Agent told me something about data streaming and grinding tapes which was not clear for me because I'm not technical. Can someone explain this to me in Customer's language?



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Michael Tully
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Re: Cleaning light


The only time the unit should be making any
sort of noise is when exchanging the tape
from the slot to drive and drive to slot.
You may hear another noise when the tape is
streaming and data is being written to tape, but not grinding.
A tape drive that continuously asks to be
cleaned should be replaced. Make sure that
you only clean the drive when it asks (the
cleaning light being on), as the cleaning
process is very abrasive and can make the
drive wear out prematurely.

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