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Colo 8GB Travan: "Compression Mismatch"

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Colo 8GB Travan: "Compression Mismatch"

Colo 8GB Travan Ext. w/CBII Ver. 6:

A full backup/verify was reported successful. I later attempted to restore several files from that backup. (Catalog shows those files as present on the media.) The following two errors were reported during restore attempt:

"Compression Information Mismatch" 4886 1316
"File Header Not Found on Media" 4872 1308

I've searched HP's site for info, but found only brief references to 1316 & 1308, and zero info re: possible causes/solutions.

I would appreciate any bit of insight, since those errors render tape backups essentially useless.

Joseph Harder
Occasional Advisor

Re: Colo 8GB Travan: "Compression Mismatch"

KC, Here is a difficult question to answer. If you look at the capabilities or features of many colorado tape drives, you will notice that hardware based compression is not supported. I have a T4000s and a T-8GB Ext Parallel. Neither of these support compression. But that does not stop you from using an application that runs software based compression.

Try running the backup with all compression types disabled and see if that removes the error.
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Re: Colo 8GB Travan: "Compression Mismatch"

I appreciate your reply, Joseph. I should have noted in my original message that I had already disabled all compression options, but those error messages during restore attempts continued nonetheless.

I finally managed to resolve that problem by replacing CBII Ver. 6 with CBII Ver. 9.1. I don't understand that mysterious resolution of the compression mismatch issue, but at least it worked.

Many thanks,