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Colorado T3000i problem

Wolf Kettler
Occasional Visitor

Colorado T3000i problem

I am using a HP Colorado T3000i tape drive in a HP Vectra VLi. Software: Veritas BackupExec 4.2 and Microsoft backup, Windows 98 2nd edition.

Certain functions, such as "identify" or "device view" work, but others, e.g. "initialize" and "format" result in an error message "Media is write protected", when the tape is actually *not* write protected.
After a change of tapes, I get this error message: "Backup device reported an unrecoverable hardware error".

I am reasonably confident that the drive unit and the tapes are not faulty.

Can anybody help?

Thanks, Wolf
Wolf Kettler
Occasional Visitor

Re: Colorado T3000i problem

Thanks very much, HP. It is nice to know that nobody bothers to listen. What a useful resource this forum is ...

Trusted Contributor

Re: Colorado T3000i problem

ISSUE: Backup Exec says every media is unwritable.
SOLUTION: Follow the steps below:
Go to Tools.
Select BU Exec Assistant.
Click Configure BU Exec Settings.
Click the Media overwrite tab and set Media overwrite protection level to "none".
Click OK.
Close the BU Exec Assistant.