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Command View TL for ESL712e

Suzi Fischman
Frequent Advisor

Command View TL for ESL712e

CVTL 2.5 build 110
firmware 7.00.60
interface manager I250
Interface Controller 5953

After a re-boot of the library I have to wait for 20-30 min before I see anything in Operations(Media Management) is this by design?

I have 14 lto3 tape drives and I am running CommVault Galaxy 7.0.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Command View TL for ESL712e

Depending on the number of slots it takes a lot of time to do the inventory. After this is done, the library come online.

Hope this helps!

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Efrain Valencia
Valued Contributor

Re: Command View TL for ESL712e

A fully loaded library can take up to 45 minutes to initialize, if you have unlabeled media in it it may increase the time as well :)