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Compaq 20/40 DAT - Veritas 9.1

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Compaq 20/40 DAT - Veritas 9.1

The Compaq 20/40 DAT 8 Cassette Autoloader is only showing as a single tape drive in Veritas 9.1.

Have updated to latest Veritas Service pack and drivers. The driver for the unit is Veritas.

Have to manually change tapes. Is there another method to enabling the autoloader?
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Re: Compaq 20/40 DAT - Veritas 9.1


Have you installed the robot into Veritas?
How many drives are actually in there, or are there just 8 tapes and one drive with an autoloader?


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Re: Compaq 20/40 DAT - Veritas 9.1

Only 1 drive.
Veritas 9.1 does not require the auoloader option unless there are two or more tape drives.

Yes on the SPs - Veritas 9.1 SP4 and latest DDI. I did some more troubleshooting and found that the inquiry string from the tape drive (which is how Veritas determines whether to start the autoloader / changer service) is not on the supported list, even though they specifically support the unit. It may be firmware on the drive, will look at that today.