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Compaq 40/80GB DLT drive

Mary Carlos
Occasional Visitor

Compaq 40/80GB DLT drive

I have a Compaq 40/80GB DLT drive. I am getting illegal commands when trying to erase or format a 20/40GB Tape on a 40/80Gb Drive. It will erase and write to a 40/80Gb tape without a problem.
It is attached to a Compaq Proliant 1600.
It has run in the past.
The difference is that I had to re-install ARCserve 7 because the DS.nlm had to be replaced with a new module.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what my problem might be the problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq 40/80GB DLT drive

It sounds like a software issue, but to be sure you could install HP LTT (, and collect a support ticket. See if there are any new entries in the "Event log" after a failure. The entries also have a Power-on hour (POH) field that you can compare to the current POH to see how recent any error events are.

You could also run the HP L&TT read/write test, or the DLT acceptance test on the tapes in question, to see if there are any problems writing to them.
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