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Compaq AIT 50 Tape Device

Ashley Theobald
Occasional Visitor

Compaq AIT 50 Tape Device

Hi All,

Internal Compaq AIT 50 (LVD 68pin D-Sub Interface)
Adaptec 2930 SCSI Card (IDC 50pin Interface + Cable)

I have the above devices in which I am trying to connect using a Windows XP machine. I have purchase an adapter (0 PIN IDC MALE TO HP68 PIN MINI MALE) which connects the two devices up perfectly but when I run the SCSI Utility Program on bootup I do not see the Tape Device listed which doesn't appear in windows either. I have tried changing the device ID using the jumpers but this has made no difference.

If anyone could please reply or advise itould be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks,