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Compaq DLT 7000

Mark Eardley
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Compaq DLT 7000


We have the above library running with Arcserve 2000 and Win 2k. I have just replaced one of the drives. The SCSI controller on the back of the library is now displaying a red light which indicates a BUS mismatch. I am a little stuck on troubleshooting the problem. I have checked that the drives have individual scsi ids. Any ideas??

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David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq DLT 7000

You have a flashing red LED?

Is this on just one bus, or both?

I believe this indicates either a bus mismatch (e.g. a single ended device on a differential bus) or no external termination.

Is the diff/SE switches set correctly for each drive?

Is the termination (internal/external) switches set correctly?

Only use internal, if the drive is the last one on the bus, and you are NOT using an external terminator.

The term power switch should be on (unless there are already 2 devices on the bus providing term power).

How is the library cabled? I assume this is a 2 drive library.
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