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Compaq Data Router

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Todd Allen_2
Occasional Contributor

Compaq Data Router

I am hopeing someone can help. We are having some issues with our MSL5026 Tape Library. Our backup sofware can not see our tape library. We are using Commvault CommCell 5.9.0. L&TT can not even see the MSL5026 Tape library. We can not seem to find the failure.

On the OS: win2003stdSp1. Device manager lists 3 "other Devices" a. COMPAQ DATA ROUTER SCSI Array device. b & c. DEC HSG80CCL SCSI Array Device.

our Scsi and raid controllers are:
Compaq HGPSA-xx, PCI-Fiber Channel HPA (with adjunct driver), Smart Array 5i, and Smart Array 6400 controller.

The layout: HBA fiber <---> Storagworks sanswitch 16: Port 12
our Compaq moduler Data Router connects ports 0 & 1 to <---> Storagworks sanswitch 16:ports 0 & 1
the Compaq moduler Data Router connect by SCSI Cable to the MSL5026 Tape library in ports:A & B.

On the sanswitch all ports report active. but in our backup software: Commvault Commcell 5.9.0 it shows our library off line. with an error that OS can not detect library.

I have tried L&TT ver 4.1 and can not see the library either.
We have shutdown all equipment and powered back on with switch, MDR, Library, than OS several times with no luck. We have replaced GBIC's & Fiber cables on sanswitch & MDR with no luck. I can not seem to find updated drivers or Firmware that might help. Does anyone have any Ideas or tools that can help trouble shoot the break in connection.

MDR: 1187
sanswitch os ver: 2.6.0C
MSL5026: unknown.
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq Data Router

That MDR you've got there is quite old. Is it possible that it was configured with a "closed" device mapping scheme at some point in the past. The default behavior for an MDR is to allow access everywhere, but if selective storage presentation was implemented on the MDR at some point you'd see exactly the symptoms you have. Here's a link to the MDR User's Guide:
Rick Dyson
Valued Contributor

Re: Compaq Data Router

I use these MDRs in a couple places with MSL5026 libraries, too. I have found that they are sensitive to timing issues.

The MSL has to be powered up *AND* on-line BEFORE the MDR starts up. Otherwise my downstream hosts do not see the library/drives. Also, the host usually needs to come up after the MDR. If they ever get powered off, then the order is MSL (fully up), MDR fully up and then Host. The SAN switch can be up first. That has never been part of this 'race condition' problem, in my experience.

And remember, the MSL has to have a finger press the front panel to turn it on before it will finish booting and go on-line.

Have you connected a cable to the serial port of the MDR and collected info about the FC/SCSI settings? Is the MDR seeing the MSL and drives correctly? What is the FCSCSIMap? Is the F/W 1187 or 1187A?

Also, I have had problems with the VHDCI SCSI cables. If they are not excellent quality, they will sometimes cause comm problems. They work for other vendor devices, but these Compaq/DEC ones seem to
be picky...

Is this the MDR model with 1 FC/2 SCSI or 2 FC/4 SCSI? You said you had two connections to the MSL from the MDR. I believe there should only be one path from the SCSI controller (i.e., the A or B of MDR) to the SCSI device (i.e., MSL). Then the MSL has jumpers between library and drives.

Todd Allen_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: Compaq Data Router

Thank you Rick. everything you listed was dead on right. It helped me completely in solveing our problem. Thank you so very much.