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Compaq Proliant 8500 not detecting TL895 Tape library

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Compaq Proliant 8500 not detecting TL895 Tape library

I'm working on a Proliant8500 server with NT4.0 server SP6a. I'm attempting to connect to a TL895 tape library. I loaded the driver cdlt7n4i (for a DLT 7000 Series tape drive) in the tape devices. When I reboot it gives me a message that the driver did not start, I verified in tape devices that the driver is not started. There are also no tape devices detected by NT.

In backupexec I can not detect the library or the backup drives at all.

Under SCSI devices I see the two lines for Compaq StorageWorks Array Controllers and one for the IDE/ATAPI cdrom.
I've checked around the compaq site, and can not find any information.

I waited on hold for 1-1/2 hours on tech support for the special line "provisioned for groups affected by the Sept 11th tragedy" !!!

The only software currently installed on this machine, is IE5.5, BackupExec, and Exchange Admin (admin only, not server)

Anybody help??