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Compaq TL891DLX 'Drive Fault'

Campbell MacCormick
Occasional Visitor

Compaq TL891DLX 'Drive Fault'

The DLT drive in my TL891DLX is showing a Drive Fault error and has retained the DLT tape it was running a backup with. The LCD is showing a DLT 0 Fault, whilst the backup software (backup exec on W2K) is showing the DLT drive as being offline. I've tried a restart of the unit, but to no avail - any ideas? It's under warranty, so this is a quick check before calling it in.

Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: Compaq TL891DLX 'Drive Fault'

It's probably a tape stuck in the DLT 40/80 drive so best chance is to call HP for warranty services.
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