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Compaq dlt 15/30 tape drive, drivers

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Compaq dlt 15/30 tape drive, drivers

Does anyone know where I can get drivers for the Compaq dlt 15/30 tape drive for Novell 5.x?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq dlt 15/30 tape drive, drivers

I found only but it states that "This SoftPaq contains the files required to install the Windows driver for DLT/SDLT Tape Class Devices. This driver can be use with native NT backup and other applications that don't provide their own tape drivers" so I guess it will be ok for your drive.
SoftPaq Numbers: SP19781 (w2k) and SP19838 (nt4)
But unfortunately there's nothing about Novell
Try drivers from HP at , or search Novell's site for generic DLT driver
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq dlt 15/30 tape drive, drivers


There is no tape driver from HP/Compaq for tape devices in NetWare.

All you need is the controller driver and and aspi manager (nwaspi, becdm, canwpa for instance).

Which backup utility are you using?

If you have nwtape.cdm or scsi2tp.cdm loading from Novell, they can cause problems with Backup Exec or Arcserve loading and running. They should be loaded only if you are using NetWare native backup solutions.

Backup Exec and Arcserve use their own drivers for the tape device.

I hope this helps.

Janine Bertolo
HP Support Services
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