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Compaq dlt 40/80 GB goes offline

Matthew Hurley
Occasional Visitor

Compaq dlt 40/80 GB goes offline

Until recently everything worked fine. I have been using Arcserve 6.61 SP4 to backup on a Compaq dlt 40/80 GB tapestreamer in a Compaq Prolient 1600 server. If I run test backups to backup individual files there is no problem but when the evening backup runs, around 500MB is backed up before ArcServe reports that it has problems writing to the SCSI device. The NT4 Event viewer shows that the tape streamer goes offline around the same time. The tape streamer also goes offline for around 5 minutes at random times of the day before coming back online. I have the installed the latest drivers for the SCSI controller and the tape streamer. In the SCSI devices applet and the Tape Devices applet there are not any problems reported. I read in an earlier post that maybe an Adaptec SCSI card would help. Everything including Arcserve is fully patched. Does anybody have any further suggestions?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq dlt 40/80 GB goes offline

Same time failure makes me think that you have any service/application running polling drive / issuing reset command. Check what proceses server has running.
If this drive is a shared one (in SAN, for example), you'll need to check every attached host