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Comparison: DLT VS, Ultrium and DAtT

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Comparison: DLT VS, Ultrium and DAtT

1) How much data can a DLT VS160 (HP StorageWorks DLT VS160 internal tape drive) hold, for both the compressed and uncompressed mode, respectively?

2) In comparison among the DAT, Ultrium, and the DLT VS series, which one have better reliability or can "get the thing" done yet not expensive (or better call it a value buy)?


Stuart Whitby
Trusted Contributor

Re: Comparison: DLT VS, Ultrium and DAtT

Forget DAT for reliability. DLT is fairly good, LTO is excellent. LTO isn't all that expensive these days either - thinking of getting one for my home system for backups (it's the only thing that will let me back up a reasonable amount without a library anyway). I can get an internal one, new, for just over 1000 UK. Tapes still seem expensive (to me looking at this for home use), but not when you look at the amount that can fit on them and the throughput rates.

According to the DLT drive is 160GB compressed. Which is about as reliable a figure as I give when the police politely ask me if I realise what speed I was doing. That should mean 80GB native. That's what you can expect to get on this tape. Consider anything else a bonus.
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Mike Reznak
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Re: Comparison: DLT VS, Ultrium and DAtT


what about to go for SDLT?

...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world ;o)
Jaclyn Rothe
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Re: Comparison: DLT VS, Ultrium and DAtT

I do not recommend SDLT drives because tapes are very sensitive to environment shipping and handling.

1)A DLT VS160 specs:
Takes tape: DLT VS1 Part # C8007A or Part # C8007-60010
(can be ordered by calling 800-227-8164)
Transfer rate 57 GB/hr or 16mb/s (hardware compressed)
Burst rate 160mb/s
This tape would be a 80/160 GB cartridge. 80 native 160 compressed data.

2)I still prefer the Ultrium 230... you can get refurbished models from 800-227-8164 and give part # C7401-69301 (and this does not appear to be going End of Line anytime soon).

or you can enter the part # Q1516A at:
for pricing info

For a DLT 160 external drive part #: A7570A OR A7571A call 800-227-8164 to get pricing info. Refurbished models for DLTVS160 are not yet available as they have just been released in 2005.