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Configuration of MSL 4048

Benjamin Maretsch
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Configuration of MSL 4048

I need help with configuring a MSL4048 with 2 LTO4 Ultrium 1840 SCSI drives.
I want to connect it to a DL380 G6 with an SC11Xe U320 PCI-E Host Bus Adapter.
With the MSL came two HDTS68-VHDTS68,M/M,SCSI cables and two terminatorsLVD/SE.
The internal SCSI ID of the drives (shown via MSL OSD) is 4. OS is Win2008R2.

What is the best/correct way to connect/configure the parts above.

With the provided cables I can only connect one drive from the MSL to the SC11Xe. (One will be recognized from the OS)
Do I have to change manually the drives SCSI IDs? Or do I need a second SC11Xe?
Or do I need a cable to connect the two drives?

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Re: Configuration of MSL 4048

You'll either need to get another SC11Xe or a dual channel HBA instead,

One port will host the library and one drive, the other port will host the other drive. You shouldn't need to make any changes to the SCSI ID's.

I'd check to make sure that the dual channel HBA is supported with 2008 R2 though as it doesn't list it in the quickspecs.