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Configuration of MSL6000 Win2003 Data Protector

Paul Wimberly
Occasional Contributor

Configuration of MSL6000 Win2003 Data Protector

Can someone please help me with the configuration of the MSL6000 Series Device? I am running the sanconf command and am obtaining the correct serial number and logical name, but when I run the autoconfig within the GUI of Data Protector I get the error message "cannot find library host in cell configuration file" - - Thanks
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuration of MSL6000 Win2003 Data Protector


The error message indicates that the name resolution isn't 100% correct.

On what server is the library connected? Another server than the cell manager?

Make sure that the DP DA and MA is installed correctly on the server with the library. Do you see it as a DP client in the DP GUI?

DP is very sensitive to name resolution issues and expects that a ping or nslookup of any server/client using the IP address, short name or FQDN always answers with the FQDN as primary name.

best regards,