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Configure MSL2024 to work with w2003

A Calomfirescu
Occasional Visitor

Configure MSL2024 to work with w2003


I'm trying to setup a w2003 Enterprise SP2 itanium 2 installed in a Integrity VM to work with a MSL2024 library.
I've assigned the MSL from the HPUX host to the w2003 as device type 'changer'.
Tried to install the and found at

first file installed ok,but the tape library wasn't detected in w2003.
Having a look over the release notes of the found that some utility named is needed in order to install the specific MSL2024 tape library driver.I couldn't find this utility.Can someone provide me a link ?

Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor
A Calomfirescu
Occasional Visitor

Re: Configure MSL2024 to work with w2003

Hi Luk,

I've already downloaded that driver,however,extracting it only provides 3 files which has to be used by some other utility to be installed.That's why I was looking the utility mentioned in the release notes.
I found no docs about how to link the driver that you've mentioned with the utility.