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Connect DLT 8000 to 9000/800/K380

Manuel Cotallo
Occasional Contributor

Connect DLT 8000 to 9000/800/K380


Are any patches needed for a default install of HP-UX 11.00 in order to connect a DLT 8000 FW SCSI to a 9000/800/K380 system to "optional" connector in core I/O board, HW path 10/8?

What driver should be the suitable one? stape? tape2?

Should this device appear at PDC time?

Thans a lot,
Manuel Cotallo.

P.S. The DLT does not appear although it is already connected to HW path 10/8

#ioscan -H 10/8

ext_bus 3 10/8 c720 CLAIMED INTERFACE GSC add-on Fast/Wide SCSI Interface
target 20 10/8.7 tgt CLAIMED DEVICE
ctl 3 10/8.7.0 sctl CLAIMED DEVICE Initiator
Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: Connect DLT 8000 to 9000/800/K380

I don't think you can connect the DLT8000 to the optional connector on the core I/O of K class.
You will require an additional Card for the same.
There is a SCSI type mismatch hence your drive is not getting detected.

Yes For a drive to get viewed at PDC you don't require any driver.

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Ralf Loehmann_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Connect DLT 8000 to 9000/800/K380

Hello Manuel,

you might check the answers in the following call:

In your case it looks like you have the right interface installed. You need to use the stape driver for this interface, only be sure that the DLT drive is HVD (High Voltage differential), because LVD and HVD are not compatible.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Connect DLT 8000 to 9000/800/K380

any news ?
Alexander M. Ermes
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