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Connect external Tape drive

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Connect external Tape drive

I've connected an external tape drive to an HP-UX 10.20 server. With ioscan -funCtape I see that the system has detected this tape drive:
ioscan -funCtape
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
tape 0 56/52.0.0 tape2 CLAIMED DEVICE HP HP35470A
/dev/diag/rmt/c0t0d0 /dev/rmt/c0t0d0BEST
/dev/rmt/0m /dev/rmt/c0t0d0BESTb
/dev/rmt/0mb /dev/rmt/c0t0d0BESTn
/dev/rmt/0mn /dev/rmt/c0t0d0BESTnb
tape 1 56/52.4.0 tape2 CLAIMED DEVICE ARCHIVE Python 25588-XXX
/dev/diag/rmt/c0t4d0 /dev/rmt/c0t4d0BEST
/dev/rmt/1m /dev/rmt/c0t4d0BESTb
/dev/rmt/1mb /dev/rmt/c0t4d0BESTn
/dev/rmt/1mn /dev/rmt/c0t4d0BESTnb
I try to run tar -cvf /dev/rmt/1m /apl*
and I always get the error message:
tar: cannot open /dev/rmt/1m
What could be the problem?
harry d brown jr
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Re: Connect external Tape drive


The ARCHIVE Python 25588-XXX is an autochanger, correct? Is there a tape actually loaded into the tape drive? Write enabled?

live free or die
Live Free or Die
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Re: Connect external Tape drive

Try the command

# mt -f filename rew

to see if the drive is seen that way.

Perhaps something is wrong with the device files. Try removing them and then recreating them (mknod or SAM).

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