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Connecting 2 libraries to 1 M2402 NSR

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Occasional Contributor

Connecting 2 libraries to 1 M2402 NSR

Hello -

I'm having trouble connecting a second library to my M2402 Network Storage Router. I currently have an MSL5052 with 4 SDLT320 drives connected and working fine. I have a MSL5026 with 2 SDLT600 drives that I would like to connect. When I have all of the devices connected, the NSR sees the 5052 and the 4 SDLT320 drives and it sees the second SDLT600 drive connected to the second autoloader, but not the first SDLT600 drive or the 5026 library itself. I tried different cabling scenarios, nothing worked. Everything is cabled and terminated correctly.

I connected the MSL5026 to a server via direct SCSI and upgraded the firmware to 0516.

The NSR firmware is 5.6.7a.

The question that I have now is can I hook 2 libraries to 1 NSR?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting 2 libraries to 1 M2402 NSR

The M2402 User's Guide at:

shows multiple libraries connected to a single NSR on page 46 so it's clearly a "legal" configuration. My guess is your device mapping isn't right. See the section on device mapping in the same document.
Tom O'Toole
Respected Contributor

Re: Connecting 2 libraries to 1 M2402 NSR

Agree you should check your device map. Are you doing auto map or indexed? Have you tried clearing the map and recreating (if possible?)

One thing to be aware of - if you plan on running all these drives at once, there may be problems. We've got an M2402 which would lock up all the time with eight backup streams (four MSL5026 libraries. By making sure I/O was balanced across the paths we were able to reduce the midnight failures somewhat. HP storage advised that 8 SDLT320 drives was more than this unit could handle (it hurts when I do this - Doc: don't do it). We now have only three libraries connected, and have staggered the load somewhat so that at most 5 streams are active at once and the thing is absolutely brick outhouse reliable (now I've jinxed it).
Can you imagine if we used PCs to manage our enterprise systems? ... oops.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Connecting 2 libraries to 1 M2402 NSR

I am using the indexed map.

Normally when I add new devices I clear out and refill the indexed map. That seems to cut down on LUN shifting.

I checked the auto-assigned map and all I can see is what I described above.

I'll go back through the manual again and see if there is anything that I missed.

Thanks for your help.