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Connecting DAT Drive to SCSI Port with Integrated Drive Controller

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Connecting DAT Drive to SCSI Port with Integrated Drive Controller


I tried connecting a Compaq 20/40 Internal DAT Drive to the SCSI Port of my ML370 system. (I have an "Integrated RAID Controller" which converts my SCSI ports to a RAID Controller.)

But while installing Windows 2000 (through Smart Start) it gives an error "inaccessable boot device". If I remove the DAT Drive the installation goes through fine.

I tried connecting the DAT Drive after installing Windows 2000, but even then it gave the same error and refuses to boot. The system boots properly on disconnecting the drive.

Note : The Cabling Guide on Proliant 370 Product Pages say that both DAT and the Disk Drives can be connected together. (I had connected it to the free SCSI Port and not to the one connected to the Disks).

Waiting for a solution.


Indivar Nair
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Connecting DAT Drive to SCSI Port with Integrated Drive Controller

With the ROC installed, the external channel (CH1) will support SCSI devices(tape or disk). It does not have multi-lun support. Therefore no autoloaders or libraries CH1 always functions as a SCSI adapter whether the ROC module is installed or not. If you upgrade to firmware 1.42, ROC firmware actually now supports multi-lun-however there are currently no O.S. drivers for the ROC that support multi-lun.
If SCSI devices are not interfaced to the server's external channel, then you can install tape or disk devices internally. In the server's default configuration, Channel 1 is connected to the server's external SCSI connector. If an internal SCSI device is configured to Channel 1, then external disk or tape devices can not be configured to the server's external SCSI connector.
(Compaq SCSI Rule: SCSI devices can only be configured internally or externally,
but not both simultaneously from a SCSI channel)
If the ROC module is not configured, the Symbios 53C1510 will function as a
standard SCSI adapter,(JBOD) ie, without RAID capability ....
Make sure that the tape device is connected to Port 1, which is furthest to the left of ROC and the cable for the Intergrated Array is connected to Port 2, closest to ROC.