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Connecting a MSL 6060 directly to server

Fabian Briseño
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Connecting a MSL 6060 directly to server

Hello Guys.

I have a ttached an HP MSL 6060 Library directly to an rp2470 Server(O.S. 11.11) via fiber channel.

But I am unable to see the library, Can you offer any leads as to what I must configure, I already tryed different fiber channel cards, different cables, etc.

Note: This library was connected to a SAN environment, but not anymore.

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sujit kumar singh
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Re: Connecting a MSL 6060 directly to server


make sure that u have the modules schgr and stape configured in the kernel

u can use sam to see the module section in the Kernel configuration.

also seee that u are having the Fiber channel drivers in the system properly installed.

#ioscan -fnCfc

this will show device files as /dev/td0 or /dev/fcd0

then do
#fcmsutil /dev/td0
#fcmsutil /dev/fcd0

depending on u have /dev/td0 or /dev/fcd0 or the fiber card connected is /dev/td1 or /dev/fcd1 to which the Tape drive is connected properly.

in the fcmsutil O/P u shud see that Port WWN and Node WWN no is there and that u can see online if the FC card is conn to the Tape Library and Library is powered on and initialised.

try postingg the O/Ps of the following commands.

Also suggested that ur system has the latest HWEnable Bundle patches installed.

#swlist -l bundle

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Re: Connecting a MSL 6060 directly to server

Of course you need to configure the drivers into the kernel, but you also need to configure the library.

Point your browser to the NSR IP address (default is DHCP - name is router) and create a mapping. Without you don't see anything on fibre channel.

Hope this helps!

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Fabian Briseño
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Re: Connecting a MSL 6060 directly to server


Sujit, Torsten, thanks for your advice.

I found the solution.
What i did was connect thru console and did.

1. Perf. configuration
2. Fiber channel config
3. Port mode, was in N_PORT MODE and I changed it to HARD AL_PA mode.

This solved the problem I now can see library.

Thanks a lot for your time and help.

This server had the library drivers already installed.

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