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Re: D2D append copy to physical drive

Andy Walraf
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D2D append copy to physical drive

I have multiple servers that I want to backup to my D2D110, but it created one autoloader by server, which is ok with me. But when I want to copy a cartridge to the physical drive, it overwrites its content, therefore I cannot have a copy of all my autoloader's last backup cartridge on the same physical tape which is I think a big lack in the concept.
Is there a way to tell the D2D Backup Manager to APPEND a copy to the current tape in drive ?
So that I could have my first copy overwriting the tape and schedule other copies to append to it.

At the end what I want is a daily backup of my servers stored on the D2D along with a physical (1 tape) copy of those backups.

Currently the only way I imagine is having 1 server backuping all other servers to the D2D on the same cartridge and then having it copied to the physical tape by the D2D.
Which is what I was doing before with a tape drive in my main server, so it kills a bit the purpose of the D2D as a central backup system.

Could this APPEND (instead of always overwrite) to physical tape be implemented in a future D2D firmware upgrade ? It shouldn't be too dificult I think.

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Re: D2D append copy to physical drive

Hello, Andy.
What you are seeing is the expected behaviour of the D2D backup system. Copies done by the D2D are always exact copies of a tape, not copies of a backup object.

While it may seem simple to implement appends, remember that the D2D is not running the backup application -- so when the D2D would go to append several jobs to one tape, it would have no idea how to update the tape header or insert the proper tags to divide different jobs.

That said, there are at least two ways to accomplish the task you're looking for. Since you didn't mention which backup application you're using, I can't give you exact steps, but can lay out a bit of a roadmap. Both of these will require network functionality in your backup application (Cell Manager in Data Protector, or the fully-licensed Data Protector Express with client licenses in DP Express)

Way 1: Continue to use the D2D for tape moves: If your backup application supports it, use the backup application to copy with APPEND the several jobs to a new scratch virtual tape, then use the D2D tape offload to copy that tape to a single physical tape cartridge in one operation.

Way 2: Attach the tape drive to one of the servers, and use the backup application running on that server to copy with APPEND the several jobs from D2D to physical tape. These several appends might be part of one job, depending on how your backup application works.

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