D2D4004i boot

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Joshua Small_2
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D2D4004i boot


I have a D2D4004i.

On Friday 1pm, we rebooted the unit.

I'm aware the HP manual refers to a reboot as taking "several hours", depending on data, but it's 9am Monday and the status of the unit is still "initialising". I'm assuming this is the reason that iSCSI connection attempts from servers just drop with no log. It's frustrating having nothing (that I can see) representing a progress bar so we have no knowledge of how long we have to wait.

We have 2497GB stored at 15:1 for 37TB of stored data.

HP's advise is "upgrade the firmware and recreate your library". I'm happy to do this but I need to get data out of it first, and this insane "initialising" time is becoming a problem.

So I guess the first question is, is this normal, is it broken, any advice?

To add to the confusion, it was only a few minutes after the boot that we saw this in the log:

System Status: Good

I would have thought that did it, but on the main page, the status is still "initialising".

Interestingly, the log before this says "The system was not shutdown cleanly" although we rebooted from the web interface. Relevant?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: D2D4004i boot

Maybe it is doing some "housekeeping" or maintenance now because it thought it was shut down uncleanly. Can take quite a while.
Dave Dewar
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Re: D2D4004i boot


I would recommend you raise a HP support call. To debug any issue they will want is a support ticket.

It can take several hours for the stores to come online after an unclean shutdown but 2 days is excessive.
Rarely that could be the case if the unit is close to full, has an excessive housekeeping backlog and on very old software and has just been upgraded with latest code since the data structures have changed between software releases to deliver improvements and a conversion needs to take place which can take time.

Without knowing what software version etc you were/are on its difficult to say.

Depending on the state of the unit when you rebooted on Friday 1 or more of the stores might have been subject to a forced shutdown if it had an issue and hence would perform integrity checks upon start up - that is why you are seeing the unclean shutdown state.



Joshua Small_2
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Re: D2D4004i boot


We did log an HP ticket.

We worked with level 1, level 2, then level 3 technicians throughout the night. Level one seemed to know the product and gave us some configuration suggestions. Level two just told us to update the firmware, but had to check when we asked what the latest was (which took hours). Level three just asked repeatedly what errors we had (as though we hadn't submitted full logs twice) and then had us wipe the device array and rebuild it.

Thanks to all that responded.