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DAT 160 USB drive drives wanted.

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DAT 160 USB drive drives wanted.

Hi all

I got a DAT160 USB drive second hand and no disk cam with it. I can not install the drive in win 7 64 bit, and I can not fornd the drivers anywhere on the hpe website.

Could I ask someone who has the drivers HPDAT and HPUSBMSC.SYS to pass these on to me. Or point me in the direction where I can find them.


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Re: DAT 160 USB drive drives wanted.

Look at this URL: * RECOMMENDED * HPE StoreEver Tape Drivers for Microsoft Windows In the Revision History tab you can find reference to: "HP USB Mass Storage Controller - (DAT 72 & 160 only", both in the "Microsoft Windows Client Operating Systems" table and the "Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems" table. The file you are looking for is zipped inside the downloaded .exe file.


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