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DAT 24 but tape no bootable

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DAT 24 but tape no bootable

I have installed VERITAS Backups exec but how can i make bootable tapes ? In "Create disaster recovery boot media" he ask to create a bootable CDrom or floppy but no tape. The "inteligence disaster recovery preparation wizard create a bootable image" I made a backup but he doesnt boot on the tape when i push the OBDR at start .
The computer start very slowly and in w2k i have a cdrom more but i cant access the data on the tapes .. its normal ?

I set my BIOS to boot on SCSI and CDROM and update my SCSI bios with the update provide on the HP SureStore CD aha2940U
Tina Karasch
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Re: DAT 24 but tape no bootable

Dear Jedar,

No - it is not - once the Drive is in OBDR mode it recocgnizes any OBDR media and then on the screen it should ask you what you want to restore.


First check if your speciffic HW/SW configuration does support OBDR ->

If it does:

Tell the SW to create the "cd boot image" - this will then be added to the media every time you make a full backup. (update this image regularly - especially when installing new hw or sw) With these tapes you can then run OBDR

If it does not:

use DR and create diskettes and boot from them instead - then insert the media when asked.
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P