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DAT 24 install

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Peter Roege

DAT 24 install

does any one knows where to find guides or howto nead ti install surestore dat 24 on
workstation B132L with HPUX 11.0

or can anyone explain it please

Peter SIEMENS Denmark
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT 24 install

hi do you mean physically inside the workstation or for hpux to see it correctly
In the workstation you will need a set of rails and can only fit one 51/4 drive inside. usually where the cd drive is.
If its external then connect to 50pin se connector on back of system checking for id settings, them power system or do an
#insf -e
should pick up drive as C1537 or similar.
If unclaimed them you will need to install the STAPE driver into the kernal, this can easily be added through SAM

Peter Roege

Re: DAT 24 install

Thanks Andy

I did found out of the most off it, but your answer did some more to explain the problem

its an external drive and i did a kernel rebuild with the driver then it all works out

next step is to install ignite to make a cloning off another workstation

Hoang Chi Cong_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT 24 install

You can read in the instruction documentation including the surestore!
To configure the drive, using ioscan command:
#ioscan -fnC tape
The result will be like this:
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
tape 0 0/0/1/0.2.0 stape CLAIMED DEVICE HP C1537A
/dev/rmt/0m /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BEST /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDS
/dev/rmt/0mb /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTb /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDSb
/dev/rmt/0mn /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTn /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDSn
/dev/rmt/0mnb /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTnb /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDSnb

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