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DAT 40 amount of backup

Frank Goudailler
Occasional Visitor

DAT 40 amount of backup

I am using a DAT40i with Veritas v8.5 Backup Exec. The drive seems to be working fine but it wants to start putting data on a 2nd tape after only about 27gigs. Shouldn't this be able to backup more than that ? There are ton of CAD files that this is backing up..not sure if that makes a difference.

Robert Demmer_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: DAT 40 amount of backup

the compression rate depends on the file itself. 27gb (1:1,35) is not bad and is practically more realistic than the 1:2 compression rate (which is also possible).
For testing purpose you can try to "zip" some typical files and compare those to the achieved (dat40 hardware)-compression rate. Should not differ to much.