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DAT 40i Tape Drives

Geoff Whalley_1
Occasional Visitor

DAT 40i Tape Drives

I'm having problems with some DAT40i drives. I have three servers;

Acer 500 with NT4 Server. Tape is seen in BIOS, NT Backup doesn't see it, as Driver will not load. Tape tools cause Blue screen of death.

Acer 600 with Win2K Server. Works fine with Microsoft provided Backup.

Identical Acer 600 with Win2K Server. Did work, now not seen by Tape Tools or Backup.

Cables have been checked, and changed. SCSI Bios sees all drives, and reports no errors.

Thanks for any help....
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: DAT 40i Tape Drives


What sort of SCSI controller do you have the DAT40 drives cnnected to and is there a difference between the servers ?

I have seen instances where the DAT40 when connected to a single-ended SCSI controller would show this behavior. The DAT40 is a LVD SCSI device which technically is compatible with Single Ended SCSI controllers. Some SE SCSI controllers however are not always able to handle LVD devices.

Also, termination is an important thing to check. Make sure there is a terminator at the end of the SCSI bus.

hope this helps,