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DAT 40x6 Autoloader Identify Problems

Greg Shakeshaft
Occasional Contributor

DAT 40x6 Autoloader Identify Problems

I have the above autoloader which I have recently attached to another PC and I now cannot get it to work. When I run L&TT the software happily finds and gives info on the autoloader but does not give info on the tapedrive although the product code is listed in the results section of the scan. When I highlight the tapedrive (C5733A) I get a message saying "L&TT could not identify the correct NT Miniport driver to use for access to this device. I also get an exception code 6007 which I cannot find any information on.

Please can someone help me with this, as I really am tearing my hair out now. Cheers
Desperate for knowledge
Satish M.S.
Valued Contributor

Re: DAT 40x6 Autoloader Identify Problems

Dear Mr. Shakeshaft:

When you connected the autoloadefr to another PC, did u enable LUN in the HBA Bios?
Next if you are running windows, what does the device manager indicate?
Does the device manager detect the drive? Are there any '!' or '?' indications beside the drive?
Also kindly check the Windows Event Viewer for further notifications.

With regards to NTMiniport, I currently reading a few whitepapers for more info.


Russell C. Smith
Valued Contributor

Re: DAT 40x6 Autoloader Identify Problems

Hi Greg,

I've recently helped another forum users with a similar issue so hopefully I can be of help. Basically, with LTT you have two options to scan for hardware: 1) Using the NT Miniport driver (default) and 2) Using ASPI. It sounds as though your second system does not have the NT Miniport driver required so you will need to scan using the ASPI option however the ASPI option needs to be selected via the LTT installation wizard (see attached image). If it wasn't then simply re-run the LTT installation wizard and select the ASPI option to install ASPI. If you encounter problems doing this, completely uninstall LTT and reinstall.

Once you have LTT with ASPI installed start LTT and perform a hardware scan with the ASPI I/O Mode option checked.

For reference, here's the thread that I helped another forum user with a similar problem to yours. I recommend you going through it because it also highlights remedies to possible hiccups:

Hope this helps,