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DAT 72 USB External Tape unit AE350AT


DAT 72 USB External Tape unit AE350AT


Can i please get some advice, this is doing my head in.

I have a simple Windows XP Pro sp2 PC. I need to simply backup around 20gb of DATA off it onto some sort of external Tape.

I have been looking around and found this HP AE350AT unit but can get my questions answered.

1, Does it come with a full version of backup software ? or is it a eval version ?

2, What is the backup s/w?

3, will the backup software let me schedule back up jobs every day at 01.00 ?

4, what is the difference with the following part numbers, all state the same description but different pruices on the hp web site.

5, is it compatible with Windows XP ?

DW027A £359.00
AE350AT £341.00
AE348AM £403.00