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DAT 72 USB mounted in SCO 5.0.7

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DAT 72 USB mounted in SCO 5.0.7

Has anyone successfully mounted a DAT 72 USB tape drive within SCO 5.0.7? This new drive connects to the USB connected thats built onto the internal side of the MB.

Here are the steps we are taking to try to mount it. Maybe we have the channel set wrong or somethig?

When we run sconf -v we see
stp usb_msto 0 0 0 0

We Run these Settings:
1. # mkdev tape
2. 1 Configure a SCSI or Enhanced IDE Tape drive
3. 1 Install SCSI Tape Drive
4. Host adapter = usb_msto
5. What channel = 0
6. Target ID = 6
7. LUN = 0
8. Upadate SCSI Config? Y
9. Select default for next three questios.
10. Choose 4 for DAT Drive
11. Rebuilt kernal.

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Re: DAT 72 USB mounted in SCO 5.0.7

You should check if the drive is supported for this OS.

As an example, this drive is supported with an Integrity server, but only with Linux and Windows, but currently not with HP-UX or VMS.
You can see it, but you cannot use it with HP-UX.

Maybe the same with your OS?

Hope this helps!

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Re: DAT 72 USB mounted in SCO 5.0.7

Turns out the SCO Unix site says that 5.0.7 does support the ML350 G5, but they do not support the DAT 72 USB until SCO v6.0.

Thanks for the input....
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Re: DAT 72 USB mounted in SCO 5.0.7

To my recollection we have not used the HP DAT USB prior to OpenServer V6 but we have used the IOMEGA REV on USB on 507 a few times so I know the USB can work. May I suggest that you if you are using either Microlite BackupEdge (our choice) or Lone-Tar that you check with these vendors as they may know whether these drives have been used under USB & 507.