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DAT 72 compatibility with Mac / Retrospect

Andre Anderson
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DAT 72 compatibility with Mac / Retrospect


I am considering purchasing a new StorageWorks DAT 72 USB External Tape Drive. I am prepared to use it with Windows, but if possible I would prefer to use it with Mac OSX.

I understand EMC Retrospect is needed to use the drive on a Mac. Has anyone here who has attempted this configuration able to comment on it? (performance problems, headaches, etc?)

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Re: DAT 72 compatibility with Mac / Retrospect

Hello Andre,

The DAT 72 drive is compatible with only the following OS flavors and not with OSX::
» Linux
» NetWare
» OpenVMS
» Windows

In order to figure out which backup application is compatible you may visit the following site ::

Choose the appropriate server (vendor) and/or platform ( Integrity/Proliant/Alpha). On the following page you should be able to review the support matrix for supported configurations.