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DAT 72 drive, external USB

Art Krasnow
Occasional Visitor

DAT 72 drive, external USB


I just bought this drive because I read somewhere I could use it with my PCs which use Windows 98 or 98SE. The docs talk about Server 2000 and higher. Can someone tell me where I can get instructions and drivers for my OS?

Rick LaButte
Occasional Visitor

Re: DAT 72 drive, external USB

I'm not sure where you got your information from, but based on this compatibility matrix there is no mention of Windows 98 or 95 listed, you WILL need Windows 2000 or higher. This is because this is a brand new tape drive technology which was not designed with those O/S's in mind, as they are quite old.

Here is a link which has a lot of information on the drive, such as drivers, manuals & guides, troubleshooting & installation info, etc...

Good Luck
Occasional Contributor

Re: DAT 72 drive, external USB

Windows 95, 98 and ME
The tape backup utility in the Windows 95 / 98 and ME operating system does not support DAT drives. HP drivers come as part of any third-party backup software that can be purchase or are supplied with HP products, such as TapeWare. This is why HP does not supply independent drivers. The software will detect and supply drivers for the HP tape products as part of its installation.


Drivers are provided by the third-party backup applications sold specifically for the Windows 95 and 98 operating systems.