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DAT 72 not ejecting tapes

DAT 72 not ejecting tapes

Hi everyone,

I have about 30 Proliant ML 110's all with DAT 72 internal drives.

On at least 20 of them I have already and are still getting a problem with the tapes not ejecting. I use MS 2K server with Veritas 9.1 on all of them.

Some nights after the backups are done the tapes do not automatically eject and pressing the eject button does nothing at all. The only way to get the tape out then is to restart the server. Sometimes that also does not work and then the eject button needs to be pressed while the server is restarting.

I the firmware is up to date and I can't think of what else to try. Are these drives just generally useless? I have even replaced some of them, but problem comes back again.

Any advise please

Thank you
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Re: DAT 72 not ejecting tapes

Hi Pieter,
You should try to update the firmware of your drive ( You can use Library Tape Tools for the same)


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Re: DAT 72 not ejecting tapes

I clearly stated that the firm ware is up to date V312, un less there is a newer version that I am not able to find on the HP site
Satish M.S.
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Re: DAT 72 not ejecting tapes

Mr. Vries:
Try the following:

Prior to inserting the tape make sure that you have placed labels in the designated areas of the tapes and that you have not placed any labels on top of others. For more information on placing labels go to one of the following links:


[Document#: lpg50342, Doc. Title:HP DLT - Detecting a Damaged DLT Cartridge and What Symptoms Would Be Seen ]


[Document#:lpg50344, Doc Title: HP DDS - Label Placement on DDS Media ]

Alternatively, these documents can be obtained from and in the search location, type in the document numbers.

Check that the software has not sent the tape drive a prevent media removal command to prevent an accidental eject. Check with the backup application software vendor on how to change this option and send the drive an â enable media removalâ command to restore control to the eject switch. Alternatively, a SCSI reset will have the same effect.

Try closing the backup application and/or restarting the system to clear the SCSI bus.

If the tape still cannot eject, then try power cycling the drive, preferably with the backup application closed down.

NOTE: If the drive is powered off while it is writing to tape, data may be lost. The tape will not be formatted correctly. If the backup operation has completed or you are only reading from tape, then this will not be a problem.

If you are having issues with the drive where in the tape takes longer than normal to eject, then try cleaning the drive by inserting a cleaning tape. If this has no effect on the time taken to eject, then try inserting the cleaning cartridge 5 times in a row.

Let me know the progress,