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DAT Drive unusable after Netvault backup

kenny chia
Regular Advisor

DAT Drive unusable after Netvault backup

Hi all
I have a DL380G4 Red Hat server.
After using the commercial backup software Netvault to backup the server to the DAT40 tape drive, the tape drive could not read other tar tapes using the tar command.

I need to turn off and on the tape drive before the tar command works again.

Has the tape drive been reprogramed by the Netvault software? Is there any way to reset the tape drive using Linux commands?
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Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT Drive unusable after Netvault backup

There is a scsi command called "Reserve", this is usualy sent from the backup application to the drive in order to allow it to accept scsi command "only" from him, in order to clear this "reserve" state, the original sw who sent this command should send a "release" scsi command, and so other applications would be able to use it.
Switching off the drive, will clear the flag. This is why you can use it after turning it off.
I suggest you to quit correctly the "netwault backup" application before to use another application for drive access (Tar)