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DAT Drives

山岸 光
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DAT Drives

what is the normal size of a DAT drive
Patrick Wallek
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Re: DAT Drives

What do you mean? Do you mean the physical size of the drive? The physical size of the tape? How much data the tape can hold?

A more specific question would be helpful.
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Re: DAT Drives


I hope you are asking about capacity of DAT drives, Please visit
for more specifications

Steven E. Protter
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Re: DAT Drives

DAT drives come in many sizes.

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Steven E Protter
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Bill Hassell
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Re: DAT Drives

A DAT drive is a Digital Audio Tape and records audio data. Early DDS (Digital Data Storage) tape drives were based on the early DAT format and the 60 meter DAT tape could hold about 1Gb. NOTE: there are several DDS tape and drive versions and all are forward incompatible, that is, DDS-2 cannot read DDS-3 or DDS-4, etc.

Note also that all DDS manufacturers appear to rate their drives in 2:1 compressed capacities. So a 4Gb DDS-2 drive is rated as 8Gb. Actual capacity (using hardware compression) is completely dependent on the data being stored and may not come close to 2:1 ratio.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: DAT Drives

I assume that you want the capacity of different dat drives. A brief idea is given..Hope this will help

DDS1- 2-8 GB
DDS2- 8-16 GB

These models are outdated..Nowadays tese are the drives using

DDS3 12-24GB
DDS4 24-40GB
DDS5(DAT72) 36-72GB

the range of size is given is non compressed and compressed.
For example: DDS3 12 is the data storing capacity with out compression. If there is a compression of 1:2, 24GB data can be stored.