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DAT Tape Drives

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DAT Tape Drives

We have several customers that have a large amount data stored on DAT tape. 


One customer recently tried to order an HP server with a Q1580B HP StoreEver DAT 160 USB Internal Tape Drive. This was backordered. 


My questions are:

 1. Are HP DAT drives just End of Sale or End of Life?

 2. What options do customers have going forward?

 3. Are there such things are “read only” DAT drive solutions on the market to support retrieval of archive storage for 10-20 years?



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Re: DAT Tape Drives

We can still order them for customers. Did you order it directly from HP?
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Re: DAT Tape Drives



I'll check with my tape marketing team in Bristol, UK.  I see a DAT160 page on but I don't see a "buy now" button.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know what I find.

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Re: DAT Tape Drives

Hi  @DeanHarris -  we are actually within a few weeks of removing DAT160 from and there's a very limited supply already in the hands of a distributor.  I can't tell you where else to pursue find DAT160 (other than resale units).  If you're looking for new, we think the answer is LTO.  

Hope that helps - let me know if you have further questions.