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DAT24e lockup

Greg Kehl
Occasional Contributor

DAT24e lockup

I installed a external HP DAT24 with an Adaptec 2940UA-PRO (only the tape drive is on card). The system recognized the SCSI Card. I have active termination on the External DAT24e. When I turn the Drive on, the system freezes. If I take the terminator off, the system recognizes both the card and drive, but when i insert a tape, the software tells me the tape is off-line. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT24e lockup

I would try these things:

1) Check with a working terminator.
2) Check the SCSI cable has been terminated in any other way ?
3) Check the tape with normal windows backups.
4) Check here and find out if something wrong with compatibility or installation:
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