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DAT40 DDS4 Tape Drive

Occasional Contributor

DAT40 DDS4 Tape Drive

I have a Tape Drive DAT40 DDS4 with a NetSeverE800 and Windows 2000 server.

The yellow light flash every single backup of tape (for about 2 or 3 hours). I have tried to insert cleaning catridge 5 times in a row, but it still did not help. Is this the indication the failure of tape drive?

Could any one help me? Thanks in advance.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT40 DDS4 Tape Drive

It can be an indication of SCSI bus problems also. Try HP LTT . This will show drive's log and analyze it. Concerning SCSI bus, check if there's a terminator in place, and try using HP recommended SCSI HBA
How old is this drive? Which tapes do you use?
Occasional Contributor

Re: DAT40 DDS4 Tape Drive

I have tried that tool, it can detect the drive but cannot support it (the drive icon is not in blue). And the error message is "L&TT could not identify the correct NT miniport driver to use for access to this device."

My tape drive product ID is C5683A. I could not find it in the HP web site.

My tape drive was bought in Nov-2001 and the tape I use is Sony Premium 150P 20GB/40GB.

Please give me more solution, thank you.

Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: DAT40 DDS4 Tape Drive


This indeed sounds very much like a SCSI bus problem. You have Hard drives and the tape drive in the same on-board SCSI bus, don't you? That's not a good idea, as it will cause data streaming problems which will cause R/W problems which will cause the clean led to light.

First of all, install it to a separate HBA, the recommended controller for the drive is Adaptec 29160LP. Use a terminated SCSI cable.

L&TT does support Dat40 and seems to work on your system, the miniport driver error you get comes when you have backup services running when you try to run L&TT. So, first stop ALL backup services, then run L&TT.

The C5683A is not the drive product number, it's the mechanics SCSI identification string - which means that any Dat40 drive, be it internal or external, will show the same identification string as the mechanics are the same.

Your drive support homepage is