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DAT40e with Redhat 7.1

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DAT40e with Redhat 7.1

Pls, let me know how to install HP DAT 40e TO RedHat 7.1 ??
Without any 3rd party software can Redhat mount the volume ??
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harry d brown jr
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Re: DAT40e with Redhat 7.1

Out of the box, the DAT24 and DAT 40 external drives look like all the other SureStore DAT drives. The rear of the external drives uses SCSI-2. The software packaged with the DAT24 and DAT 40 is Windows-specific, but as with all SCSI tape devices it works with Linux as a generic tape device. Some Linux-specific drivers are available from support sites. The head cleaner for the DAT24 and DAT 40 is built into the unit, eliminating the cleaning ritual. With list prices around $1,400, the SureStore DAT drives are not inexpensive, but also not in the same price category as DLT. The media costs tend to be notably lower than other tape backups, and DAT is widely used. DAT also has a long and notable history of providing solid, reliable backups for UNIX and Linux systems.

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