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DDS-2 tape drive rejects DDS-2 tapes

Steve Cherne
Occasional Visitor

DDS-2 tape drive rejects DDS-2 tapes

I have got a C1533A tape drive that we have been using 90m DDS-1 tapes with. I now need the extra capacity of DDS-2 tapes. When I put a DDS-2 tape in the drive, it immediately ejects it. Putting the DDS-1 in works perfectly. Any ideas why this drive will consistently reject a supposedly valid tape? I have tried 3 different DDS-2 tapes that work in other drives we own (Sony and Seagate) but they all are rejected by this drive.
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: DDS-2 tape drive rejects DDS-2 tapes


There should be no problem using DDS2
tapes with a DDS2 drive. Are you sure
that is the model drive you are using.
The correct tape for a DDS2 drive is
120 metre.

If you are using HPUX you can check
by issuing this command:

# ioscan -fnkC tape

This will tell the models of all tape
drives on your system.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Steve Cherne
Occasional Visitor

Re: DDS-2 tape drive rejects DDS-2 tapes

I am pretty sure that I have got the correct model number correct. The drive is in a Compaq Proliant server (which the purchase order for the machine indicates the drive is an 4/8 Gig) and Compaq tech. support had me check the survey.txt file for the model number. This is where the C1533A number appeared. This machine is our Exchange server so it is difficult to shutdown and pull the drive out to check the actual model (we're a 24x7 shop). I will probably come in Sunday evening and open up the server to verify the model if no one has an answer before then.
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: DDS-2 tape drive rejects DDS-2 tapes


You really should use native tapes with the drive, see on the issue.

I've seen a few times now that when for example DDS2 tapes are used in a Dat24 drive, the drive ends up thinking itself as a DDS2 unit... rolls perfectly well with DDS2 tapes and refuses DDS3 tapes... like any well-behaving Dat8 unit should...

I think you need to get a new drive.