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DDS drive dosent gets detected

DDS drive dosent gets detected

Iam using a HP C1537A connected to my 715 workstation running HPUX 10.20 the tape drive is getting detected but the device fiel is not created even when i use insf -e -H 2/1/2.0.0 it dosent create any device files
the ioscan gives the following messeage

/W Path Class Description
56 bc Bus Converter
56/40 ext_bus HP 28696A - Wide SCSI ID=7
56/52 ext_bus HP 28655A - SE SCSI ID=7
56/52.0 target
56/52.0.0 tape HP HP35470A
56/52.2 target
56/52.2.0 disk TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-4101TA
56/52.3 target
56/52.3.0 disk QUANTUM ATLAS_V__9_WLS
56/52.5 target
56/52.5.0 disk HP C2490AM
56/52.6 target
56/52.6.0 disk HP C2490AM
56/53 ext_bus HP 28655A - Parallel Interface
56/56 tty MUX
60 ba Core I/O Adapter
60/6 lan Built-in LAN
62 processor Processor
63 memory Memory

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Re: DDS drive dosent gets detected

Can you post the output from the following??::

ioscan -fn -H 56/52

Also, check to make sure you have the "stape" driver turned on in the kernel. In "sam" go to "kernel", then "drivers" and make sure "stape" is "in" (changing it to in will require a reboot).

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