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DDS3 C1537-00485 / Compaq 12/24GB DDS3 DAT Media errors

Frank Boesche
Occasional Visitor

DDS3 C1537-00485 / Compaq 12/24GB DDS3 DAT Media errors

DDS3 C1537-00485 / Compaq 12/24GB DDS3 DAT Media errors

I'm re-submitting this since I apparently posted it in the wrong forum (I wished they would use foreign key so you can re-assign a thread). The original case is,,0xa71631ec5e34d711abdc0090277a778c,00.html which also contains the HP LTT logs.

"I'm now at a point where my latin runs out.
I have an as
Compaq 12/24GB DDS3 rebadged HP C1537
(HP tape tools identifies it as C1537A)
Tape drive, which I aquired 2nd-hand in 2000 and that operated well until about Nov 2002 (so 3 yrs).
Since then backups and media reads fail, with the internal brush cleaner "dancing polka" (excuse my language), continously operating after after 10-20 seconds of operation.
HP Tape Tools reported media errors:
I/O Exception (Sense Key:3, Sense code 0x1100 - 'Unrecovered read error')
I/O Exception (Sense Key:3, Sense code 0x0C00 - 'Unrecovered write error')

Re-calibration using latest ddsWriteRecal.ssc failed on unused (brand new) tape (DDS3 DGD125P):
reads failed at all possible write currents.

The 5-times cleaning process (also using brand new tapes - Sony DGD15CL) did not improve the situation (which by the way takes about 20-25 sec., 10 accord. to sony, and not 30-60 as of manuals).

After having little success with HP support (no response on submission of HP Tape Tools log on various ways) and time consuming research in the discussion groups I concluded drive head damage and had it serviced.
They, after discovering that it was a re-branded seagate drive, fixed it and assured me to have it tested successfully. there was supposedly a scratch on the head.

However after checking with HP Tape tools I'm now back at square one with the same errors.
Even after cleaning tapes (5-times and more) I receive errors in the media log.
I updated the AHA2940 drivers to the latest version (68kb filesize) and the tape driver.
Disabled/Enabled "SCSI Disconnect" difference.

Here the drive/scsi config
* model: C1537-00485 / C1537A
* firmware: L111
* Windows NT 4.0
* host adapter: adaptec AHA-2940, bios 1.23
* SCSI-ID: 6
* sync negotiation: on
* disconnect: disabled

Also I would really like to know in what position Dip switch 4-8 have to be under non-UNIX (Windows NT) platform, on a non-compaq system (std. PC) as this is hardly documented.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated as I cannot effort the $1,200+ for a new drive and already have payed $225 for a new head.

The AHA-2940 (ID7) supports successfully two IBM SCSI-3 drives (DNES-309170 on ID1&2, supporting an software based RAID0 config) and a JVC XR-W2010 CDR (ID4).

Is there a know issue with the AHA-2940 (without U, W or S*) as I have not seen any report about this?
It's only done if it's done right
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DDS3 C1537-00485 / Compaq 12/24GB DDS3 DAT Media errors

first, disconnect should be enable,
second, the dip switch need to be all of and only the tird on.
If the sevice company that replace you the head said it is now ok, this have to pass all the test of LTT without any problem, there is any know problems with 2940 controller. You just need to be aware at the connection, as this unit is a SE narrow device, you need to connect it in the right way, and if the cable or connector of the HBA is wide, you need an adapter and need also to terminate the Wide bus.
Try to connect it alone on a dedicate controller with the right SCSI cable and the right terminator
Terri Harris
Honored Contributor

Re: DDS3 C1537-00485 / Compaq 12/24GB DDS3 DAT Media errors

I went back through the HP L&TT logs (back to December 12, 2002). I did not see a submission. What email address did you use to submit your L&TT logs?


Click on the support button at the top of the screen in Library and Tape Tools, send support ticket by e-mail, choose "send to support provider in reference to an open case," put my name (Terri Harris) in the box, put a check mark in the "Attach Result Log" and mail to by choosing the address from the drop down menu.
Frank Boesche
Occasional Visitor

Re: DDS3 C1537-00485 / Compaq 12/24GB DDS3 DAT Media errors


thanks for your help but meanwhile the whole issue has found its end.
The drive after installing the new head (the old one had shown a scratch) only accepted DDS-2 tapes for RW. The supection was that the internal electronic did not operate as required.
I had in any case my money refunded and I went for a temp solution to backup to a cheaper ATA drive.

I refrained from using the LLT ticket submission since it does not work:
1. you need to have an email application installed on the system operating the tape
2. Your firewall apparently refuses any tickets sent by email (HP's forums are in fact full of these complains).
So far trying all workarounds (and I've attempted all of them) with LTT Ticket submission ended up in frustration and I simply had no time anymore for that nonsense.
It's only done if it's done right