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DDS4 (C5686) for Tru64 v.4.0 systems

Demosthenes S. Pappas
Occasional Contributor

DDS4 (C5686) for Tru64 v.4.0 systems

I have installed a DDS4 tape drive to a DS20E AlphaServer that run under Tru64 v.4.0.f UNIX.

I have all the configuration switches to ON except 3 and/or 8 to OFF.

Although the drive is obtainable from SRM prompt with sh dev and
from UNIX the mt -f /dev/rmt0h report
a unit status with mt_erreg = 0 when we use the tar -tvf /dev/rmt0h command, the UNIX output with I/O errors.

Have you ever face such case?
Any idea to sucessfully write / read on DDS4 tape drives under Tru64 v.4.0.f UNIX?

Thank you in advance,
/Demosthenes Pappas
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Re: DDS4 (C5686) for Tru64 v.4.0 systems

I can't help you, sorry.

But I would ask this question in the Tru64 forum:

Good luck!

Hope this helps!

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