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DDS4 and SCSI adapter optimized

Tore Molde
Occasional Visitor

DDS4 and SCSI adapter optimized

I have just bougth a HP sure store DDS4 placed on a adaptec adapter. But the things is I have heard about configurations options you can make on the adapter card to elevate preformance and life spann of the tape drive. We had these options documented before but where lost when we moved. Any help or other suggestions is greeted with a smile.
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Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: DDS4 and SCSI adapter optimized

Hello Tore,
- clean drive every 20 tape pulling hours of after 5 full backups;
- try using HP-recommended HBA C7474A (or Adaptec 29160/29160LP);
- set-up termination correctly;
- check compatibility pages at ;
Very useful utility called HP Library and Tape Tools can be downloaded from hp site. Try testing your drive and measuring its speed.
Good luck!
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: DDS4 and SCSI adapter optimized


You can promise your tape drive that you will only use top-notch quality tapes, or use the bad-cop approach and threaten to replace it with an LTO :-)

If you find that info again, let us know. Also, for what kind of server would that be in ??? AND what OS ??

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Xavier Gutierrez_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: DDS4 and SCSI adapter optimized

Hi, Tore.

I think it was something about increasing the speed with which the adapter talks with the DDS4.

You must press CTRL+A when prompted to do so by the adapter's BIOS/FW and then it should be straightforward. I can't remember the precise sequence but it should be easy.

Best regards.
Tore Molde
Occasional Visitor

Re: DDS4 and SCSI adapter optimized

Hi again.

Have search around trying to find the correct configurations settings, but havent been able to find them.. yet ;)

Have tried around on my own, but then all hell broke loose, so unless I have the correct specs I will keep my itchy fingers away.

Btw the DDS4 will be placed in a good old Acer p2 266 backup server, with a Adaptec AIC-7880. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. Current os is W2k server. Any of you have experience with 7880?
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