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DDS4 on hp-ux 11

Occasional Advisor

DDS4 on hp-ux 11

I have a problem with DDS4 if a I put in a tape dds-3 24 gb I can make a bckup of 21GB or more but If a I put in a tape dds-4 40 GB I can only backup 19 gb, have I need a pacth for a DDs-4 ?
Satish M.S.
Valued Contributor

Re: DDS4 on hp-ux 11


You mentioned that you are able to only backup 19GB of data. Now is this the raw data or compressed? Now, pertaining to compression, have u enabled hardware compression only or software compression only or do you have both of them enabled?
Also, please do indicate as to what is the nature of data that is being backed up.


Occasional Advisor

Re: DDS4 on hp-ux 11

hi Satish

I am sending a backup from Sybase
DUMP DATABASE seguros TO "/dev/rmt/2mn" with init, capacity=34000000, file="seguros datos"

But I donâ know if my server (n4000) hp-ux-11.11 need a patch or something this tape drive is new, I can restore with out problems from tape dds 4 but like I say the same backup that I try to put in a tape dds4 fill very welll in a tape dds3 in the same type drive
Thanks. I try with a tar from unix but is the same problem