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DEC DLT4000 on home system

Neil Harris
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DEC DLT4000 on home system

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David Ruska
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Re: DEC DLT4000 on home system

> This drive is actually a Dec DLT TZ88 upon which I have run the utility from the compaq to make it a DLT4000.

> Component Data:
Physical Device Path....: 28.4.0
Inquiry Vendor ID.......: DEC
Inquiry Product ID......: DLT4000
Firmware Version........: V052

For the DLT4000 drives supported on HP systems, we normally expect to see 'Quantum' as the Vendor ID. I'm not sure what would happen when the driver sees 'DEC'.

Also when we integrated the DLT4000, I think V60 was about the first firmware version we supported. Currently it is V150 for the standalone, and V126 or V130 for two HP library flavors of the drive.

Also, Quantum has many different variants of firmware for the DLT drives. Each one is tailored to the specific OEM/OS. The variants integrated specifically on HP-UX are OEM1, OML3, and OMX1 (these are reported in the personality/subpersonality bytes of the inquiry data).

The EMS event basically says the drive was sent a command with a parameter value in the command descriptor block, which it does not support. Unfortunately it does not show the command which was attempted.

I think the probable cause listed is probably correct:
The error most likely indicates that the device is not fully supported by
the current driver.

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